Tuesday 14 August 2012

Unemployment and times tables

I don't know all my timestables. I don't even have a maths qualification. A part of me wishes I did but I've survived without one. I have been trusted to handle budgets at £30k a month and smaller ones of £15k per year or less on a weekly basis without getting anyone sent to debtors prison.

More importantly. I excelled at English. I went on to study journalism. I have a degree in it! I also have the essential NCE professional qualification. I still lost my job during savage cuts. I have a second degree in creative writing! I also have a PGC in academic practice because I retrained. I still lost my job during savage cuts.

I'm not unemployed because I don't know my timestables. I'm unemployed because a global economic crisis is making workers pay for the greed of bankers. This is another Tory distraction and a way to blame young people for their futures looking bleak. It is not their fault - but it is our duty to defend them and their education.