Monday 29 October 2012

Tonight I find how a French uncle was deported

After years of looking, I've just found out tonight something definite about the fate of one of my father's uncles who lived in France. I've already posted here about what happened to Oscar Rosen who I discovered over the last year, lived in Sedan, Ardennes, fled to Niort, Deux-Sevres, was listed by the authorities, seems to have escaped, ended up in Nice, was rounded by Alois Brunner, sent to Drancy and was deported on convoy 62 from Paris-Bobigny to Auschwitz.

But I never knew what happened to his brother Martin. Some years ago I found on the famous Klarsfeld list of deportees a Martin Rozen, with a birthplace Kosnovice. And that's it. One relative had him living in Metz before the war, profession dentist, while Oscar was a clockmender.

Tonight I read this:

Martin Rozen is mentioned on p.12. p.14 and p.15.

Philippe Glanzberg, the survivor who has told his story here seems to have spent some time in Metz before fleeing to Aytré in La Rochelle where along with Martin Rozen there were just 9 Jews. Martin's birthplace is in fact listed here as Krosniewice while my father's father listed his birthplace on his US WW2 registration card as Krochniewiz (that would be the same pronunciation). It's a small village in Poland.

The date of birth of Martin Rozen on Glanzberg's documents is the same as on Serge Klarsfeld's list of deportees where it shows that Martin left France on convoy 68.

On p. 14 it shows that Martin didn't exchange a ration coupon for the yellow stars that he was obliged to wear. On p. 15 it appears to show that Martin had one child. That's news.

Incredibly and coincidentally, M. Glanzberg seems to have been deported on the same convoy as Oscar Rosen, the one who was arrested in Nice. Another Glanzberg was on convoy 68, the same one as Martin's. It seems impossible that one or other of the Glanzbergs did not know one or other of the Rosens. It's also possible that Philippe Glanzberg is still alive.

I should say that my father didn't know either of these uncles. They were names who were mentioned. And then it was assumed, correctly, that they had disappeared, but up until this year no one knew how.

That's tonight's news.