Tuesday 12 November 2013

English Literature, eBacc, Hunt, Gove...waste of space

Tristram Hunt was screwing it up in the House of Commons yesterday going on about 'dumbing down' (a phrase that should be banned), and how Gove is going to stop people studying English Literature etc. The point should have been made much more simply:

by hiving Literature off from the English Language paper, then of course it becomes an option which most students will choose not to do. The question then is whether this is intentional, and if so why? ...because it seems to conflict with Gove's blather about 'cultural entitlement' and all the Hirsch stuff. 

So, instead of that coming out, Gove made mincemeat of Hunt trying to be clever and the moment is lost. And then these twerps wonder why we think the House of Commons is a waste of space.