Sunday 18 May 2014

Sajid Javid plays the race card

The issue with Sajid Javid talking about migrants learning English etc is that:
 of course it's playing to the gallery while watching UKIP. 

First, of course most migrants try to learn English. Why wouldn't they? 

Second, if some find it difficult, even too difficult, it almost certainly isn't because they're being wilfully anti-British. It'll be because they find it difficult! 

Third, all the young offspring of migrants learn English at school. 

Fourth, it's not easy or free to get lessons in English. 

Fifth, it's a bit ripe Brits moaning about foreigners not learning English. A week in the south of France talking to emigre Brits and you soon find out that plenty of them can't be arsed to learn French. Same applies all over the world. 

Sixth, how many people are we actually talking about? How many people are not learning English? Typical of politicians to run up a flag about something without specifying dimensions or details. How many non-Brits are not bothering to learn English? 

How much of a 'problem' is it? So, for example, I hear Turkish people talking Turkish to each other in North London. This is while they are doing business - you know, that thing that the government say is wonderful - running shops - that sort of thing. What's the problem?!