Monday 5 October 2015

Great stuff down at Discover, Stratford, E.London

Something very exciting is brewing at the Discover Centre, in Stratford, East London. I know I'm biased but...

They are building an 'immersive' visit for young children based on several of my books. There are several 'habitats' or 'experiences' - the various sites of 'Bear Hunt', an old classroom (from my era), my grandparents sitting room, a chocolate cake that you can walk into and a 'dread shed'.

In each of these there is the potential just to look at things I've written about turned into an exhibit or tactile experience or read poems relevant to the habitats or write poems triggered off by the exhibits are the 'story-builder-guides' who are on hand to lead workshops.

There'll be a soundscape of sounds, words, parts of poems from me (pre-recorded) as well as some of my vids.

The exhibition is in effect a slice of my mind, which children enter.

I think it'll be a fantastic visit for children with their relatives, friends or - as during their week - with their class. It's the kind of 'education' that I really believe in: exposing children to surprising, challenging places and experiences, encouraging them and helping them create things of their own, in a safe, friendly environment.