Sunday 18 October 2015

I'm supposed to be rooting for the Northern Hemisphere now, am I?

The lunacy of sporting nationalisms:

if you're from England, you are supposed to support England, when England are knocked out or not represented, you support other parts of the UK (think Andy Murray but if it's England V Scotland you hate Scotland), if other parts of the UK are not represented you support Ireland (though obviously at other times Ireland should be hated and/or despised). If Ireland are not represented, you support Europe (though that is where Jonny foreigner comes from except during the Ryder Cup when he can be good at beating the USA). If Europe are not represented, you support 'the Northern Hemisphere' as in the rugby. The Northern Hemisphere???? I'm supposed to be a northern hemisphere chauvinist now????!!!!

I'm not sure where 'we' are supposed to go after that.