Saturday 10 October 2015

National Word Day #NWD

How about a National Word Day (hashtag NWD)?

On National Word Day,
just for once,
for a change,
everyone will go about saying words.
Or writing words.
Or thinking words.
Like 'like'.
And 'and'.
You just get together with some people
and say words.
Any words.
Even 'word'.
'Word' is a word.
Or you can do it on your own.
You could be in the kitchen, say,
and you drop an egg on your foot.
That annoys you.
So you shout something.
That would be a word.
What might come out, though is an 'ow!'
I'm not sure if that's a word,
but that's something to talk about, isn't it? -
using words.
If you see a word anywhere
(there are loads of them around)
just point to it.
You might be sitting next to someone on a bus.
Just say to them, 'Hey look, there's a word.'
If at any point in the day, you think of a word,
that would be brilliant too.
'Too' is a word.
So's 'two'.
And 'to'.
Huh, that's words for you, eh?

And 'irony' - that's another word.
Where it sounds like you're saying one thing
but meaning another.
It can be a way of making fun
of something.
Even making fun of yourself,
or of something you care about.
Words. Yeah.
Hashtag NWD.