Thursday 14 July 2016

Another incredible Shakespeare manuscript discovery concerning one Johnson and Boris the Clown

The Court, a cloister:

[Various Lords, Ladies and scribes pass to and fro

Enter Johnson disguised as Boris the clown]

Johnson [as Boris]:

Whoops, my liege, nil desperandum,

for that which is England, is England

and forever may she be,

hah! is not the dusky foreigner at our necks?

[aside, as Johnson]

They do not know me as pretender

to the throne but think me ‘Boris’, simple Boris,

a bumpkin, a poltroon who doth forget what he knows

and knows not what he forgets.

[Several scribes pass]

[as Boris] Fa la la la

In, out, in, out,

go I,

in the flicker of an eye

am I not,

the leader who leads

and next the leader who leaves?

Exit, Brexit

next, it vexed it.

Oh my ladies

have I fexed it?

Lady May:

Methinks there is method in this madness

Yon clown doth bear strange resemblance

to Johnson, late departed of this place.

Might I not have need anon of that one?

[Exit Lady May]

[in another part of the cloister]

Scribe 1:

What think you, all?

This Boris hath many a good jest

Scribe 2:

A chest more like.

Scribe 3

And were his jests that fine

many a chest would he fill

Scribe 1: I follow ye not.

Scribe 2: Nor me.

Scribe 3:
Nor me.

Scribe 1: You follow not yourself?

Scribe 2: Much as this Boris!

Scribe 1: Hah!

Scribe 2
: Hah!

Scribe 3: Hah!

[Exeunt scribes]

[Johnson as Johnson]


Afric lay beneath the rule of Albion

Were they not days of greatness

which if Afric were not a foolish child

would beg and plead for us to return

to rule once more bringing peace

contentment and the rule of law

hah! and doth not the lowly savage

now appear in London taverns?

I will to Lady May and offer my services