Saturday 16 July 2016

How do the rich take money from the poor? Here's one way.

If you look hard enough in what people in government say, they will explain exactly how they wage class war against the poor and working people in general.

Greg Hands, ex-Chief Secretary to the Treasury once explained that the banking crisis led to what he called the 'great recession' and 'misery to millions of families'.

Now we could stop right there and ask why? Why should a banking crisis cause the rest of us 'misery'? Shouldn't it simply and only involve bankers and/or extremely rich people taking a hit? After all, these 'millions of families' going through 'misery' didn't actually cause either the 'banking crisis' or the 'great recession'.

But it seems from Greg Hands' statement as if somehow people like him have had nothing to do with causing the 'great recession' or indeed any of the 'misery'.

Now let's call to mind what Nick Clegg, one time deputy PM. Here's how the BBC wrote about something he said in 2015:

"The deputy prime minister said public sector workers had made a "huge contribution to balancing the books" over the past six years, saying the "uncomfortable but unavoidable" curbs on pay had helped saved £12bn."

This was what the Tory-LibDem government did. In face of the banking crisis they took money away from public sector workers to the tune of £12 billion.

This is nothing else but class war. It is the government helping the extremely rich, super rich, move on from the banking crisis by taking money away from the lowest paid.

Those of us who support Jeremy Corbyn want this sort of thing to stop and the very least to claw back some of this lost income.