Sunday 22 October 2017

"Common sense" or how we learn what they want us to learn

1. British diplomat comes on the radio and talks about countries in the middle east and complains that some of them show what he calls 'bad behaviour'. The interviewer accepts the terms of this conversation that someone representing a country that has meddled in the middle east for 200 years, setting up countries, knocking others down, siding with this or that group and then switch allegiances, leading up to the final and most terrible intervention of all, the Iraq War - all this is 'below the line', out of view, apparently not part of the equation in which this diplomat talks 'reasonably' about other people behaving badly!

2. In another interview, Lord 'Two brains' Willetts, now a supposedly important person in some quango or other 'explains' on the radio how perhaps it's OK for 'older workers' to subsidise 'younger workers' pay. The terms of this discussion are that the only money in the kitty of a country is that earned by workers. Profits, inherited wealth, the trillions sitting in tax havens - it's all out of view, not in the equation, not 'relevant'. Again, totally unchallenged by the interviewer. What Willetts was suggesting is apparently one reasonable 'solution' on the table.