Friday 14 December 2018

Leave, Remain, Bremain, Rexit - it's not our battle.

1. I assume that groups of capitalists and their sponsors in public and in government try very hard to do things which they think are best for capitalism.

2. This often brings them into conflict or disagreement with each other. This is mostly because the whole point of capitalism is that capitalists are in competition with each other (for markets, for labour) but also because there are 'sectional interests' e.g. finance capital may not think in exactly the same way as manufacturing capital, agri-business may not think in the same way as say the drugs business and so on. Similarly the supply chains or the markets for different sections of capital may be different.

3. The Leave or Remain episode in history is one of these moments of sectional and intersectional disputes within capitalism. Different capitalists, different sections and blocs of capital with different views on how best to keep labour costs low (wages), how best to secure markets, how best to keep raw materials costs low etc. 

4. At any given moment it may seem as if one or other scenario or outcome posed by one or other of these sectional interests of capitalism may be favourable to working class people (here meant to refer to anyone whose sole source of income is the wages they earn by working) but in reality and in the long terms, surely, these are illusions - and as much an illusion as when governments announce that going to war will be in the interests of 'the public'. 

5. I hate the fact that so much energy is being expended by socialists and left democrats in trying to conjure up the 'best' scenarios for Leave or Remain as if these are 'solutions' for austerity - the latest and most potent phase in the employing class's efforts to keep wages low, and to cut back or eliminate the welfare state. I genuinely wish that the Labour Party had taken the stance of militant abstention, saying instead that the battle going on is 'not ours' and that their first and only priority was and is to fight for the NHS, Education, the welfare state and wages. 'Hey Tories, you get on with will come up with some arrangement or other, within which some (maybe most) capitalists will be content and get on with what they do. In the meantime, we will fight for these things that mean we can raise the standard of living of working people, and in so doing enable millions of people to see that the obstacle to us having a safe, fair, peaceful and just world is not 'Remain' or 'Brexit' but the ownership and control of the resources of the planet being in the hands of a tiny minority.