Thursday 13 December 2018

What does it mean to read and understand a text: short bibliography

Some Reader-Response titles especially in relation to education:

The Dynamics of Literary Response by Norman N. Holland

Where Texts and Children Meet, eds Eve Bearne and Victor Watson

The Social Construction of Meaning, reading literature in urban classrooms, by John Yandell [secondary]

The Reading Environment, Aidan Chambers

Reading and Response, eds Michael Hayhoe and Stephen Parker

Talking, Listening, Learning, effective talk in the Primary Classroom by Debra Myhill, Susan Jones, Rosemary Hopper

How texts teach what readers learn, Margaret Meek 

Creativity in Language and Literature, the state of the art, edited by Joan Swann, Rob Pope Ronald Carter

Readers, Texts, Teachers, Bill Corcoran and Emrys Evans