Tuesday 8 January 2019

Martin Rozen (1890-1944)

I thought there was a way in which I could simplify my previous blog about Martin Rozen so that it's more stark. It may be too simplified....(trying to find ways of telling these things for different audiences...)

Martin Rozen (1890-1944), my father's uncle

On January 31 1944
at 2.30 in the morning
in a village in France
4 policemen knock on the door
of a woman
who has several lodgers in her house.

They take away one of them, a man
who has done nothing wrong.

They take him to a nearby town
to put him with 30 others
who have done nothing wrong.

He is taken away with them
and put on a train
to where he and they are put
with hundreds of others
who have done nothing wrong.

He is then taken away by train
carrying more than a thousand people
to another country
where he is put with thousands
and thousands of others
who have done nothing wrong
and killed.