Sunday 8 March 2020

Now it's me, raised eyebrows, and the Jewish Chronicle...

The Jewish Chronicle on me being affirmed by Show Racism the Red Card as a judge of their children's poetry competition says:

"The choice of Jewish children’s author Michael Rosen, another well-known defender of the Labour Party against antisemitism allegations, raised eyebrows."

This is an important point. Presumably, the Chronicle's journalists have been out and about doing eyebrow checks, going up to people and saying,'Excuse me, have you heard? Michael Rosen has been chosen by Show Racism the Red Card as a judge of a children's poetry competition!' And then they stand back to see if eyebrows are raised.

Then again, I'm not sure whose eyebrows were raised. The article doesn't specify. I mean i know people who have at least one eyebrow raised all the time. Like the Everton Football Club manager, Ancelotti. Would that count? Or does the eyebrow have to go up?

Even so, who are these eyebrow raisers? And when do they get to take their eyebrows down? In my experience, I've found it hard-going standing about keeping your eyebrows raised. Is there a qualifying time? Do you have to have your eyebrows raised for a minimum length of time for it to count as raised? Or can a quick eyebrow flip - up-down - count too?

Anyway, please can you go out today and say to someone, 'Michael Rosen is a judge of children's poetry for Show Racism the Red Card' - and see what happens to the eyebrows?

Get back to me. Let me know how it goes on the eyebrow front. It's a big thing, eyebrows.