Sunday 18 April 2021

Naming names - how the Holocaust happened right the way down to a small village in western France

 How my father's Uncle was killed:

Hitler was the Leader of the Third Reich.
Under his command was Heinrich Himmler.
Under his command was Adolf Eichmann.
Under his command was Carl Oberg
Higher SS and Police Leader
in Paris
Working with Carl Oberg was René Bousquet
Secretary-General responsible for the French Police
Under the command of Carl Oberg
was Hermann Herold
the regional Commander of the Security Police.
Under his command was the regional Prefect
Louis Bourgain.
Under his command was Gaston Jammet
the local sub-prefect.
Under his command was a local brigade
of gendarmes:
Eugène Cabanetos
Arnand Mazouin
Georges Salomon
who were under the command of their officer
Pierre Le Papu.
The four gendarmes knocked on
the door of one Madame Bobières
at 2.30 in the morning on Jan 31, 1944
and arrested Martin Rozen
who was staying there.
They handed him over to the local Nazis,
who deported him to Poitiers
then to Drancy
then to Paris Bobigny
then to Auschwitz on Convoy 68.