Monday, 13 October 2014

If they say, 'The poor are the problem', let's say, 'Briefing 38'

Let's keep going on about it: "Briefing 38".

If anyone asks us, why are the NHS workers or the teachers etc etc on strike?

let's say 'Briefing 38'.

If people say, it's immigrants' fault that wages are too low,

let's say, 'Briefing 38',

if people say, that it's benefit scroungers who are costing the nation too much,

let's say, 'Briefing 38'.

If people say, that this or that group of people are a 'social problem',

let's say 'Briefing 38' - that's the 'social problem'.'

If they say, 'What's "Briefing 38"?'

we can say,

'The richest fifth of the nation's got £5970 billion;

the poorest has got £57 billion.

Never mind "Grand Theft Auto"…

this is Auto Grand Theft -

the rich automatically thieving from the poor…'