Monday 16 January 2012

The Power of Reading

The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education has been working for seven years on the Power of Reading project. This is what they say about it:

"The Power of Reading project CLPE’s highly successful Power of Reading project enhances teachers’ and children’s pleasure in reading, and raises children’s achievement through teachers’ knowledge of literature and its creative use in the classroom.
The project has now been running for six years and has involved 10 projects based at CLPE in London with 31 additional projects in 19 different Local Authorities nationally. To date there have been nearly 1200 schools, 1,500 teachers and over 60,000 children participating in the project from Cumbria to Southampton and from Bristol to Hastings.
Project aims
The project aims to enhance teachers’ and children’s pleasure in reading and raise children’s achievement through developing teachers’ knowledge of literature and its use in the primary classroom.
Raised achievement
Analysis of data from four participating local authorities (2008-09) showed that 70% of children progressed by 2 or more National Curriculum sublevels and nearly and 33% by 3 or more. Data specifically indicates that as a result of the project the rate of progress for boys is narrowing the attainment gap between boys and girls."

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