Tuesday 28 February 2012

Murdoch, me, emails, bears, victims - the truth

" Given that certain emails have now come to light which would seem to contradict some statements I have made earlier and over the previous year, I would now like to take this opportunity to clarify things. Whereas I had said that I was not aware that anyone had tried to hack into the phones of the Bear Hunt Family, this wasn't strictly and entirely true. The only reason why I had suggested that this, was, I think because of immense pressure of work. I utterly deny any suggestion that it was because I was trying to cover anything up.

Could I also take this opportunity to praise the work of Andy Coulson and indeed the Prime Minister, David Cameron who was, in my view, absolutely right to have employed Mr Coulson.  Any suggestion that there was any kind of conspiracy between Mr Coulson, David Cameron, the police and myself is utterly absurd. Errors were made  - of course - but in good faith.

And rest assured, the father, the children and the dog in 'Bear Hunt' will of course be generously recompensed for the distress they have experienced. We fully appreciate that it was hard enough for them travelling through water,mud, snowstorms and the like - and facing up to a bear - as well as the distress (which I am not allowed to refer to) caused by the absence of the family's mother - but for the family then to be exposed to intrusion into their already damaged, corrupt, sordid  and unpleasant little lives, is something more than anyone should have to put up with.

Could I also point out that it is not true that either I or my great friend Andy Coulson has a job with the Metropolitan Police is entirely false. "