Wednesday 15 August 2012

Readers fail 'reading' test? More evidence please.

I'm getting more and more tweets and messages from teachers and parents telling me of children who are good and/or progressing readers who have failed the phonics screening check (PSC).

We will of course never see any statistics on this because teachers weren't given a chance to do two tests in June. What would have been really interesting would be for teachers to do their usual spot checks on children's reading development alongside the phonics screening check and to compare the results.

However, it is possible that some teachers did this anyway. If you did, can you please write to me at  so that it can go up on this blog?

You can remain completely anonymous. I can explain the reasons why you need to do this in the blog.

If you are a parent and you know that your child is doing well at reading but failed the phonics screening check, perhaps you can give us some anecdotal evidence around, say, what your child is reading, how, how often? And  then tell us you and/or your child's reaction to failing the check.

And teachers or parents, what happens next? Does the child now have to do more systematic synthetic phonics? Is the child 'allowed' by the school to do other kinds of reading as well? Or not?