Monday 15 October 2012

Nearly 4 million 'views' of my videos - wow.

I don't want to boast....OK, start again, I do want to boast....but...tomorrow or the day after, the total number of 'views' that my website videos are going to get is 4 million. As I write this I'm on 3,996,432 views. To be honest, I'm really dead chuffed that so many people have wanted to see them. I suppose it's already passed 4 million 'views' because teachers have been showing them to whole classes too, but I'm going by the counter in the corner of the screen.

So, now I've got over the boasting bit, can I say thank you very much for watching them and I'm really glad that most people have enjoyed them.


Now the facts (!):

These are the 92 videos that I put on my website

(click on 'Videos' on the bar on the front page to find your way to them.) They're all there,

care of artificedesign

Following that link is the best way to view the 92 videos because they are all there in one 'room' and you can order them according to 'most viewed' etc.

Teachers who would like to show the videos in class but find that their server blocks them, the easiest thing to do is upload them to an intermediary file of some sort on your laptop and use that in school. Or put them on to a DVD.

All the vids were shot and directed by my son Joe Rosen whose website is here:

At some point in the coming months I'll make some more with Joe.

One of the reasons I made them was to encourage schools to make vids with the children and students. My way is one of the simplest. If you want to use artwork, the simplest way is to hold a picture (or pictures) up in front of the camera with the poem written on the back. Fill the screen with the picture and the child reads the poem from behind the picture. Remember to choose somewhere quiet, because background noise is quite distracting when you come to view the video.

Just so that everyone knows. I make no money from putting the videos on YouTube. Joe and I made them out of our own work and costs. One set come from a book that is out of print - 'The Hypnotiser'. All the rest come from different sources:

 'Quick Let's Get Out of Here',
 'Centrally Heated Knickers',
'No Breathing in Class',
'You Wait Till I'm Older Than You' ,
'Michael Rosen's Big Book of Bad Things'
'Michael Rosen's Book of Silly Poems'
(all published by Puffin Books and in print);

 'Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy' (with CD included)
'Even My Ears Are Smiling' (with CD included)
(both by Bloomsbury Publishing and in print);

'Sonsense Nongs'
(published by A and C Black and in print)
(CD available from Abbey Media)

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'
'Bananas in My Ears'
(both by Walker Books and in print)

'You Tell Me' (with Roger McGough)
(Puffin but out of print)