Thursday 20 December 2012

Dictionary of Government Bullshit on the Economy

Dictionary of government bullshit on the economy...a series of tweets put together here.

"business" = "competition to find who can put together the smallest group of people owning the largest amount of wealth"

"manufacturers facing difficult times" = "manufacturers discover they want to pay low wages but have buy-everything consumers"

"low confidence in the manufacturing sector" = 'we've noticed that paying people less means that manufacturers sell less"

"low consumer confidence" = "we've noticed that if you cut poor people's wages, they buy less"

"we are in discussions with financial leaders" = "we have no idea what or where the real debts are and they won't tell us."

"we need a healthy financial sector" = "we'll do anything to let bankers do what they want"

"we need to regulate the banks" = "we won't regulate the banks"

"the economy" = "the means by which rich people can get poor people to work for them"

"it's unfair that people can earn more money on benefits than at work" = "the poor are taking your money. Rich people (like us) are nice.'

" we will be ruthless with tax avoiders" = "we'll do next to bugger-all about tax avoiders"

"we need a highly educated workforce" = 'we don't need a highly educated workforce, we want a very lowpaid workforce"

" in education we're slipping down the international tables" = 'we're not slipping down the international tables'.

"the colossal mess left by the last government" = " exactly the same mess we would have left if we had been in power"

" we cannot afford to go on paying ourselves more than we earn" = "you must have a lower standard of living, but we don't have to."

"the government has to take some tough decisions" = 'the govt will be doing what the rich tell them to do so that the rich can stay rich.'

"our AAA rating" means 'bankers' fixing system so that it suits bankers'.

'bloated public sector' means 'nearly adequate health care for all''

"Structural adjustments'" means 'making many people unemployed'.

"cutting labour costs" should be translated as 'making poor people poorer'.

"Reassures the markets" should be translated as, "makes sure that the rich stay rich this week".

Every time they say 'we have to deal with the deficit' we should translate that into 'we are transferring wealth from the poor to the rich'