Wednesday 26 June 2013

Police and the Lawrences - joining the dots

I notice that very little of the coverage of the Stephen Lawrence surveillance has joined the dots up.

1. There is a horrific racist murder.
2. The police are clearly unwilling to investigate the case according to their own standards of criminal investigation.
3. It emerges very slowly that there is some kind of collaboration between some local officers and the father of the suspects.
4. The police not only fail to investigate properly and promptly, they start to harass the Lawrence family and Stephen's friends.
5. The case moves from an injustice case to a more political one.
6. Under the smokescreen that this is a matter of concern, the police start to engage in surveillance of the Lawrences and their supporters.

Standby for the way in which the police will try to stage manage this debacle in terms of their 'concerns' for local order that took them into making this 'error' or some such, when in fact, the whole thing kicked off because they were in cahoots with local criminals who also happened to be racist murderers.