Friday 29 November 2013

Two thoughts.


This government have perfected a new collective art form: blaming the poor for being poor and blaming professionals for deiberately keeping them in poverty. Boris says they're stupid; Gove blames teachers;IDS blames benefits; Cameron blames immigrants etc etc. The one group whose fault it can't be are those who become extremely wealthy from employing people on low wages.


The continuation of the system turns on how successful our leaders can be in keeping up the illusion that everyone or anyone can become rich. To do this, they have to point at the tiny minority of people who have done this and to ignore a) the fact that most wealth is retained dynastically by rich families and b) that the system works by virtue of there being a tiny minority who are rich and a massive majority who are not. So really the system is much more interested in guaranteeing that there are enough poor people doing the work than digging out the odd poor person who might possibly one day become rich. But that should remain a secret. Or at least not very well known. One way for that to happen is to tell everyone that life's a competition, work's a competition, your home is in a competition, love is a competition, your body is in a competition.