Monday 23 December 2013

Two thoughts on the Right this week.

Two thoughts on the Right this week:


Immigration anxiety is about a) standards of living, b) culture, and c) powerlessness. The anxiety about a) is based on an untruth that poor people can make other poor people poorer. The anxiety about b) is based on an untruth that other people’s culture is a threat to your culture. The anxiety about c) is based on a feeling that people in government and big business have so much power over you, they can control your life.

I agree with c) but find that when I apply that to a) and b), I discover that it’s people in government and big business who make poor people poorer while peddling misleading ideas about the purity of cultures.


The advantage for the Right in having Anjem Choudary on air making the link between British foreign policy and how Muslims in Britain might feel is that because it's him making the point, it 'proves' that condemning British foreign policy is an absurd and dangerous idea. Interestingly, the interview with Humphrys and Lord Carlisle didn't discuss British and US policy at all. It was all focused on a) why Choudary wouldn't condemn the atrocity and/or b) that he isn't in favour of democracy and c) that he wants Sharia law in Britain.

So, end result: the link is made between a) condemnation of UK foreign policy b) murdering people and c) hating democracy d) wanting Sharia law.

Result for the Right!