Friday, 23 May 2014

Miliband, UKIP and the 'I'm not racist but...' people.

Am fascinated 
by these 'I'm not racist but' people they show us. 
They say things like 'it's all got too much' 
and 'there's too many of them' etc etc 
So what do they think UKIP is going to do for them? 
Put people on trains and ship them out? 
And how will these people be chosen? 
And who is going to do the choosing? 
And if the people refuse to go? 
Will UKIP have special police to do that? 
And this is not racism? 
And UKIP isn't deliberately holding out hopes for people who say those things that that is precisely what they would do? 
And Labour can't say that about UKIP? 
And that Labour should keep saying that 'people have concerns' instead of saying what I'm saying here? 
For f.sake Miliband, it's what your parents fled from. 
Say it. Say it. Say it.