Thursday 23 October 2014

New poem: Flats

Some new flats are going up near me. They’re

overlooking a car park. I don’t mean a car park

for the flats. It’s the big car park for the shopping

centre. The idea is that people who live in flats

like overlooking. So there are flats overlooking

the sea, overlooking rivers, overlooking canals,

overlooking railway lines. Now there are flats

overlooking car parks. They say that it’ll give

people something to do: they think that people in

the flats will be able to stand on their balconies

and watch people parking their cars. Or watch

people coming back to the car park, getting

into their cars and then driving off. The aim is to

build bigger car parks so that more people will

park their cars and then they’ll build more flats

overlooking the car parks and this will build up a

sense of being part of something big and

interesting - like parking cars. And car parks.