Monday 10 November 2014

My new books for 2015

Next year's books look like this:

Jan 8    You Tell Me me and Roger McGough - reissue of book of our poems with revisions and new poems from both of us added. (Frances Lincoln)

Feb 10    Alphabetical - US edition coming out published by Counterpoint

March 10    The Bus is for Us (pictures by Gillian Tyler) - a picture book for the very youngest children about children who like going on the bus. (Walker Books)

March 26    Monster (pictures by Neal Layton) a picture book - third in the series of 'Rover' and 'Howler' in which the dog tells the story. This time he follows the girl to school and thinks that she's been kidnapped… (Bloomsbury)

April 23     What is Humanism? (co-written with Annemarie Young) - a book for 9-14 year olds about being humanists and atheists. (Wayland)

May 7    Don't Forget Tiggs! (pictures by Tony Ross) another book in the series of short (very short) novels for younger readers following our 'Burping Bertha', 'Choosing Crumble' and 'Fluff the Farting Fish'. (Andersen)

June 11     Uncle Gobb and the Dread Shed (pictures by Neal Layton) a novel for children about a really irritating Uncle who lives with a boy called Malcolm and his mother Tess. Malcolm and his great friend Crackersnacker plot on how to get rid of Uncle Gobb… (Bloomsbury)