Saturday 15 November 2014

Literacy theory into practice: oral to written and back to oral with my poetry videos

The wonderful guy who does my website, Mark James Foster, has put captions on nearly all my videos (last ones coming soon) which show which books the poems come from. I'm hoping that teachers and parents will use this to enable children to make the leap from oral to written and back again. 

I am of the belief that some young children don't quite realise that what we say can be written down. That's to say, the written language is so separate from the oral in their lives that they feel quite estranged from the written mode. I've always hoped that many of my poems help children make that leap. (There is a theory about literacy hiding in all this!)

With the videos now having been 'viewed' over 8 million times, I'm rather late in the day hoping that these captions will help this matter to be explicit and obvious. But better to do it now than not at all!

If you don't want to view the 'poops' or 'YTPs' which are mash=ups of my videos, and you only want to see my videos -  I mean the ones that my son Joe Rosen and I made (not other people) then please view my videos through my website only or through the 'artifice design' channel.