Friday 5 June 2015

Teacher Tablet to Replace Teachers

I am trying to market my new Teacher Tablet 
to be distributed by a close friend of a minister of education. 
It is in essence a teacher,
 that's to say reams of worksheets uploaded in bright colours 
on to the tablet which the 'real' teacher 
will simply help the pupil switch on and off. 
These 'real' teachers will in fact be Tablet Supervisors 
and so will not need any training 
beyond switching on and off techniques 
and keeping pupils' heads pointing in the right direction 
i.e. towards the brightly coloured worksheets on the tablet.

Another useful feature of the Teacher Tablet 
is that it monitors progress. 
Whenever any pupil falls behind on their worksheet output, 
an alarm bell will ring. 
The Tablet Supervisor will then bustle over to that pupil 
and ascertain as quickly as possible 
why the pupil is not 'getting on'. 
If there are any disciplinary problems involved 
then I recommend bringing in the 
Discipline Force 
who should be stationed in a central position 
from which they can view all classrooms 
where the work on the brightly coloured Tablets 
is going on.

I hope you are as excited by this as I am. 
It gives the power to the student 
so that he or she takes control of the learning experience. 
Once they have learned 
how to switch the Teacher Tablet on and off, 
all by themselves,
it's over to them.