Thursday 14 July 2016

Shakespeare: new manuscript discovery: 'Campbell' talks to 'Mandelson, Jowell, Kinnock, Reid...'

Here, on its own, the incredible discovery:a piece of writing that is definitely by Shakespeare from one of the history plays.  It’s only a short passage.The speaker seems to be someone with the name: 
"My lords, welcome to this goodly tavern
here in hiding can we make plans tonight:
you Mandelson, Jowell, Kinnock and Reid,
remember though our hands be drenched in blood
from wars too foul to mention now or ever,
we can rely on papers bearing news
to gloss o’er what crimes we have commit;
instead will they invite us - or Jack Straw
to give wise counsel on matters more grave:
how what’s noble is betrayed by Corbyn
he, like the worm who doth dig deep inside
the holy sepulchre that is our party
bringing withal a multitude, a mob,
a swinish troop of people, old and young,
who dare to say our place in history
is sullied by that war we do not mention.
Ye, great lords, who speak for the nation
yea though of late, undermined cruelly
by this foolish soft-cheeked smooth-tongued Chilcot,
and tonight, my lords, forsooth must we swear
an oath to remove yon upstart Corbyn,
yea, by any means - be they fair or foul.
Were ye not set up above the people
as Lords and Barons and Baronesses
to tell the people what is best for them
and place at the helm a golden Eagle...?"

..and here the manuscript is torn.....
Remarkable document....