Monday, 4 July 2016

The leader must tell lies. We love the leader, then we love the lies

O am I so tired of leader-talk
suddenly we all need a leader
People who get bossed about
by owners of newspapers
tell us we need a leader,
they do leader recipes
what makes a good leader.
What makes a good leader
they say
is someone who we all realise
is our leader.
That's a leader.
Then, after they've been leader
they write books about
the rise and fall of the leader.
They say the leader had a fatal flaw.
The fatal flaw is that they thought
they could be the leader.
Never mind.
We all need a leader.
Sometimes it's important,
(they say) that the leader doesn't tell the whole truth.
We're not ready for the whole truth.
Only the leader and his friends
are ready for the whole truth.
What is 'not the whole truth'?
Not the whole truth is lies.
The leader must tell lies.
We love the leader
then we love the lies.
And we love charisma.
If someone says that they want to take a picture of you,
then tell them that you're going to shut your eyes
and when you open them
that's the exact moment they have to take the photo.
That's charisma. Right there.
That's how important charisma is.
When you're talking
try to say everything is three.
Say things like:
blah blah blah
or I want people to have blah
I want people to have blooh
I want people to have bleeh.
Three is charisma too.
The people being bossed about
by the people who own newspapers and TV channels
will say you were convincing,
if you've got charisma.
The idea here is:
them saying that the leader is convincing
makes them sound convincing.
It's a convincing machine.
We come out the end of the machine
and we will say we need a leader
we need a leader
we need a leader
(see, I did that three times.)