Saturday 8 October 2016

I've applied for the job of a mainstream commentator to comment on Jeremy Corbyn

I've applied for a job as a mainstream political commentator,
I've written two pieces as examples of what I could write:
they are both about Jeremy Corbyn
on the day before he did the reshuffle.

One of the pieces 'imagines' that Corbyn brings in people from all sides
of the Labour Party
and it condemns him for being weak, dithering, undecided
unable to control the Parliamentary Labour Party
not having the courage of his convictions
and is now the prisoner of some big hitters from the past.

The other 'imagines' that Corbyn has a cabinet made up
largely of people who have been his supporters
and it condemns Corbyn for seizing the levers of power
of surrounding himself with yes men
of creating a mood of fear amongst the more moderate
forces in the party
of behaving like some tin pot South American dictator
or trying to run the Labour Party as if it was his.

How am I doing?