Thursday 8 December 2016

Floods of women coming in and taking men's jobs

I have an online friend called Rajan Naidu who wrote this:

"The government has not done a single thing to stem the flood of girls who are being born in this country who will almost certainly all become women. Women, with all due respect, are notoriously happy and willing to work long hours for very low wages, ruthlessly take men's jobs, men's homes and men's right to be misogynistic, sexist or to express various forms of xenophobia in whatever form, violent or otherwise, they might wish.
Most women, and you have only to read the papers, watch tv or listen to the radio to see proof of this, do not even take the trouble to learn men's ways and integrate themselves into a society with a centuries old, proud tradition of male supremacy, yet are among the very first to complain when they experience any violent backlash from confused, piqued and discomfited men. If women don't like the way things are in this country, no one's stopping them from leaving.

Women already outnumber men in the population and, if nothing is done about it, in a few generations time there will be no men left in the country. Do the math(s)! Time for the government to act and give men their country back.

I am not saying all women are a part of this assault on all our values as a nation. I personally know quite a few women who are actually quite decent and I am sure they totally agree with me that it is the shrill fanaticism of female extremists who selfishly rock the boat and demand equal rights for themselves that is the problem here, as they attack and undermine our ancient and hallowed traditions and way life.

It may be controversial to suggest it but it is a simple fact of life that women are the weakest and least productive of all the genders!. Consider all the time and energy many of them squander on being pregnant, giving birth to the next generation, though to be fair many of those will be future men, protecting, educating and nurturing millions of unproductive babies, children, young people and occasionally adults, rather than doing proper jobs that are well paid, productive and contribute something to the national and global economy. Women in paid employment generally have lower incomes than men and consequently pay lower taxes than men. So it would make sense, in the interests of democracy, to allot each woman two thirds, say, of a man's vote. In that way women's political participation will be bear some relation to their economic value. The idea could be extended to make voting power proportional to buying power. I am not sure but I believe they already have an electoral system of this nature up and running in the US."