Thursday 15 December 2016

Michael's Marxist Horoscope Christmas Card

I know at this time of year people sometimes succumb to the superstition of looking at horoscopes so I thought I'd offer you some alternative ones.

Or, think of it as a Marxist Christmas Card.

Marxist Horoscope 1: Today you realise you are born into a world not of your own choosing

Marxist Horoscope 2: Later you observe that social being determines consciousness and not the other way round

Marxist Horoscope 3: At work you discover that the sum total of what people are paid is less than the value of what's produced

Marxist Horoscope 4: Glancing at your bills you realise a large proportion of your income is spent on paying interest on what you have borrowed

Marxist Horoscope 5: Watching TV it occurs to you that a tiny minority own and control most of the worlds resources, and means of producing.

Marxist Horoscope 6: As you think about the world you see that most people can only earn a living by selling their ability to work

Marxist Horoscope 7: In a bus passing a bank you see that a tiny minority make money through rent, profit and interest

Marxist Horoscope 8: A newspaper reminds you that the dominant ideas are ideas that suit those who own and control nearly everything

Marxist Horoscope 9: Everyone tells you you are alone but in order for things to be made and sold, you are brought together with others

Marxist Horoscope 10: Thinking of your school days you remember that your teachers were once themselves taught.