Friday, 21 September 2018

A and E appointments at last

As part of a new efficiency drive
the government is giving hospital A and E
a much-needed shake-up. After years
of overcrowding, the government have
what may well be a solution to the crisis:
an appointment system for Accident and
Emergency Departments. This is how it
will work: if you think you are likely to
be knocked down in the road, fall out of a 
second storey window, walk into a sharp 
object, or swallow some bleach, then simply
call your local hospital A and E department,
tell them which accident or emergency you
think you are likely to experience and they
will find you a slot for you in that day's schedule.
No more confusion or panic, no more
red lights flashing, and alarms going off. 
Instead, when you have your accident, 
simply make arrangements to get yourself
to the hospital and a team of world-class
medics will be on hand.