Thursday 6 September 2018

The Nation

The Nation State Law of Israel states that

it is the place where Jews ‘self-determine’.

It does not mention the 25% of the people

of Israel who are not Jews.

The nation is made up of its people. The

Nation State Law is the Law for the people.

But not all the people are mentioned.

They are un-mentioned. They are the people

who are not seen by the Law. They do not

exist. In fact, they so do not exist

that it is not even mentioned that they do not

exist. They are nothing. In fact, it is not even

mentioned that they are a nothing. In fact,

I haven’t even said this. This is not a

statement. There is nothing here. You

have not read it. You will not mention the

unmentioned people when talking about the


Because the Law does not mention the people

who are not mentioned, the Law can not harm

the people not mentioned. It does not

discriminate against them because they are

not mentioned in the Law.

You may mention how this Law is a Law that

does not discriminate against any people but

you may not mention any people who are not