Thursday 1 November 2018

Big Toe Nails and Hems on Trouser Legs

The design of the inside of the bottom of a trouser leg
seems to involve -
more often than not -
a hem...
which is good because this
prevents the bottom getting
frayed and no one wants a
frayed bottom
unless it's the style
which of course it has been with
plenty of trousers having frayed
back with the hem.
If you put a hemmed trouser on
without wearing socks,
this brings your big toe nail into
direct contact with the hem.
Usually this results in a blockage,
jam or impasse as the toe nail
reaches the hem.
No matter how much you bend the toe
or the foot, or shake the trouser,
the blockage remains.
The only immediate way out of the problem
is to bend down and release the hem from the
Inevitably, the same will happen with the other
toe-nail and the trouser hem on that other leg.
The solution is, as I have suggested,
put on socks first.
There is a problem with this, though:

it does mean standing around for a few seconds
in your underpants and socks.
I'm not saying this looks ridiculous
but it possibly is.