Sunday 30 December 2018

Chain of command

Hitler wanted to remove and eliminate Jews from Germany and from Europe.
In his power elite, there was Himmler who was head of the SS, an 'elite' corps whose job was in part to implement all 'security' arrangements.
Eichmann was one of Himmler's officers who implemented the 'idea' of eliminating Jews in various parts of Europe, including France.
Knochen and Oberg were the main officers in charge of implementing the eliminating of Jews from France.
Laval was the 'chief of government' for the Vichy regime and who did what he could to carry out Nazi ideas and instructions.
Bousquet and then Darnand were in charge directly of carrying out Laval's and Eichmann's instructions.
Regionally,, the 'Prefects' and 'sub-Prefects' in France, were in charge of the police and 'security' so in Poitiers, this was Bourgain.
In the Vendée this was Jammet.
In the villages of the Vendée the gendarmes implemented the new instructions of January 1944.
In one village, on January 30, and 31 in Sainte-Hermine, this was officers Le Papu, Salomon, Mazouin and Cabanetos.
They arrested Martin Rozen, a naturalised Frenchman, who was transported from Sainte-Hermine to Auschwitz on a convoy of trucks that left Paris on February 10 1944.