Saturday, 13 April 2019

Classroom teacher David Keyte offers "Things I believe help children become 'readers'"

This list comes from classroom teachers David Keyte from Yattendon School. He posted it on twitter.

Things I believe help children become 'readers'

1. Lots of excited adult talk about books.
2. Regularly share blurbs and extracts of books.
3. Comfy reading.
4. Time for class books every day.
5. Time for independent reading every day.
6. Make authors 'real' through Twitter interactions etc.
7. Make reading 'cool'(pictures of celebrities reading etc)
8. Use recently released books in reading/guided reading lessons.
9. Create opportunities for children to share what they are reading with their classmates.
10. Never dissuade children from trying out a book they like the look of.
11. Walk around school with a book.
12. Regularly ask children 'What are you reading?' when walking around schoo.
13. Create an excitement around your own book shelf at home.
14. Talk about the aesthetics of books.
15. Create bookmarks with your class.