Friday 29 November 2019

If the polls are right...

If the polls are right
and the Tories win
and the last leftist antisemite
the last alleged leftist antisemite
and the last friend of the last alleged leftist antisemite
has been removed from the public stage
there should be no antisemitism left
to worry about.
Is that right?

In power will be Boris Johnson
closely working with Dominic Cummings
who talks of  'the likes of Goldman Sachs
writing cheques for Remain'
with 'fingers in every pie'
in the 'cess pit' of the EU
splashing cash around for their own benefit;
Dominic Cummings 
who tells us how Brexit will free Britain
from this corruption.

The 'likes of Goldman Sachs', he says?
The 'likes of'? 
Whatever could that mean?

Circling around will be 
Jacob Rees-Mogg
with his gags about his Jewish colleague
Oliver Letwin being one of the 'illuminati',
his concerns that Europe is dominated by
Soros - the much-loved antisemitic trope of his 
east European antisemitic friends, 
his retweet of a tweet from the 
far-right Alternativ für Deutschland
his dining with the Traditional Britain Group.

Suella Braverman who used the alt-right 
antisemitic jibe about 'cultural marxists'.

Or Toby Young, educationalist, and 
projecting on to Philip Hammond
his thought
that the word 'banker' means 'Jewish.

This is how the Right racialises banking
and racialises a criticism of banking.

But the Right has no problem with banking. 
They hi-jack our fears of what happens
when banks crash
and hitch them to who they think
is the wrong sort of banker.
The problem for them seems to be if it's 
Jews doing the banking. 

They seem to think that Jews get in the way
of some kind of national economy 
that they want to create. 
An economy that is no better for the mass of people
than the one they claim is so bad. 

And this
we shouldn't worry about?
This has no echoes from the past
from people who came to power
claiming that it was the internationalism
of Jewish finance that had brought
their country to its knees?

But when the last leftist antisemite
the last alleged leftist antisemite
and the last friend of the last alleged leftist antisemite
has been cleared away

there will be no more antisemitism to worry about?
Is that it?

And if by chance the eyewatering amounts of 
debt left over from the last crisis
and the eyewatering amounts of debt
that we have as we buy the stuff we
can't buy with our depressed incomes
leads to another bankers' crash

we won't see Johnson, Cummings, Rees-Mogg
and others
telling us that the problem is 
say, the 'likes of Goldman Sachs'
the 'illuminati,'
or the corrupt influence
of 'cultural marxists'? 
Is that it?

Antisemitism will have left the stage
will it?

But then let's ask what forces might they want to unleash
to create their corruption-free
national economy?

Who will they tell us are in their way?