Monday 9 March 2020

Tweets about 'free speech' and Trevor Phillips

(I'm not in the Labour Party) Trevor Phillips has been free and is free to say a whole raft of things about Muslims. An organisation or institution is free to say that it doesn't want someone who writes what he writes as a member. The IHRA code works in the same way.

There are two different areas that govern free speech: the law and the noise of the mass media. The second has decided that the Trevor Phillips case is a breach of free speech and implementing the IHRA code and the 'Ten Pledges' is not a breach of free speech.

Very interesting that 'free speech' is suddenly an issue again. When the IHRA code was argued about, various people said that it raised 'free speech' questions. The fact that they did raise it, 'proved' that they were antisemitic. Apparently. Interesting topic is 'free speech'.

As only certain news stories gain prominence then there is also 'free speech in reverse' e.g. how little attention is paid to things e.g. why we haven't had the Arcuri report.

If anyone reading this sees or hears on the media the question of the IHRA code or the 'Ten pledges' being raised as part of the 'free speech' issue, could they please tweet it to me?