Thursday 24 December 2020

Covid UK in tweets (up till Lockdown Mar 2020)

 History of Covid in tweets (Dec 24 2020)

They say 'herd immunity', we say 'Black Death', let's call the whole thing off.

Thailand, South Korea, Japan. We stand or fall in comparison to those countries. We fall.

Without vaccination, herd  immunity is a myth. Scientists who talked of it as a fact were deceiving themselves or us or both. They had the Black Death as a prime example to draw on: successful herd immunity, population ravaged over hundreds of years.

From Wuhan to  Lockdown: how the UK government toyed with the idea of 'herd immunity', deliberately failed to implement track-trace-isolate, and mask-distance-handwash with the result that thousands died or got seriously ill with lifelong consequences.

Anyway, they gave us a choice: people's freedom to not mask, distance and wash, versus our deaths and lifetime damage. They went with 'freedom'.

There are campaigns and there's legislation to highlight hate crime, racism, antisemitism etc. Quite right. But what's happened here is a form of discrimination against a group, (the over-70s),  that is seen as separate from other forms of hate. We were defenceless. Literally.

The people who articulated the 'herd immunity' theory have never been called to own up to it for having endangered us:  John Edmunds, Patrick Vallance, Graham Medley, Robert Peston, Toby Young, Jeremy Warner. 

We have very public mourning for the awful random multiple deaths of major accidents and acts of terrorism. Quite right too. The Covid deaths are just numbers. No collective public mourning for tens of thousands of deaths.