Saturday 26 December 2020

No Politician Said

 No politician said:

'And now we're doing herd immunity,
now we're going to let Covid spread
however it wants to.
That way, some people will die
some people will be maimed
but the rest of us will become immune.'
They didn't say that.
Some scientists said things like
'We''re going to have to generate herd immunity'
(and this was March so they
weren't talking about vaccination then.
Some journalists told us in March
'Herd immunity will be vital to stopping
And they didn't say
'Some people will die
Some people will be maimed
What they did was
not have enough PPE for health workers
not insist we mask-distance-handwash
not put in place test-trace-isolate.
That's how they did
'herd immunity'
without saying they were doing
'herd immunity'.