Friday 26 February 2021

Journey into Space (in our flat)

 My brother and I listened to

Journey Into Space
on the wireless.
Each week our heroes went out into space
battled with aliens millions of miles from home.
We were there with them,
out there
facing so many dangers
saving the universe.
We were in close with Lemmy.
Poor old Lemmy
the London lad
who always got the tough stuff to do.
One time he was at the centre
of an asteroid.
Right in the middle of it
but he shouldn’t have been.
He was lost.
And a great echoing voice called out to him,
‘Go back-ack-ack-ack-ack!’
Lemmy, we thought,
get out of there, the aliens will get you.
Go back, Lemmy,
Do as the voice is telling you, Lemmy.
But Lemmy went on.
He didn’t listen,
Lemmy, Lemmy….
Then that episode ended.
And my brother and I went off round the flat
calling out,
‘Lemmy, go back-ack-ack-ack!’
‘Go back-ack-ack-ack-ack!’
We cupped our hands over our mouths
to make the echo:
till next week.