Tuesday 20 September 2022

Now we know what History is...

 For a week

we've had a lesson in


we've had a lesson on
'what is
For a week
there has been space
(quite a lot of space, actually)
for people to tell us that
what we've been looking at is
or that it's
in the making
or that it's
one of the most important events
we'll ever see in
That's a lot of people
for a long time
telling us,
what is
It seems that what's happened is
because a monarch
in a constitutional monarchy has died.
For several centuries
people struggled to wrest power
from monarchs in this country
precisely so that they couldn't affect
which they had been doing
for hundreds of years before.
Once they had taken power
away from the monarchy
they said,
Parliament is 'sovereign',
'it expresses the 'will of the people'.'
I learned this at school.
So the people have the power,
my teachers said
and somehow between the people
and parliament,
is made.
Others, later,
told me that history
is made in the great clash
between the forces of
those who own nearly everything
and those who own hardly anything,
but other people said
that's a terrible thing to say about
so I won't mention that again.
To sum up:
this week it's all become much clearer:
one monarch has gone
another has arrived
and this is
Is it though?