Wednesday 20 March 2024

My books about reading, poetry and writing (all mostly in a educational contexts)

 'What is a Bong Tree? Articles and talks 1976-2021' (edited by John Richmond)

'Write to Feel Right'

'What is Poetry? The essential guide to reading and writing poems'

'Poetry and Stories for Primary and Lower Secondary Schools'

'Good Ideas, how to be your child's (and your own) best teacher'

'Michael Rosen's Book of Play'

'Reading for Pleasure'

'A Year with Poetry' (out of print but available second hand)

'I see a Voice' (out of print but available second hand)

'Did I Hear You Write?' (out of print but available second hand)

'I never know how poems start...'

'Why Write? Why Read?'

'The Author' (based on my PhD)

'Writing for Pleasure'

'Michael Rosen's Poetry Videos; how to get children writing and performing poems too' (with Jonny Walker)

'How to Make Children Laugh'

'Alphabetical, how every letter tells a story'

(There's also a chapter on writing, directed at adult readers, in 'Getting Better' my book about overcoming (or trying to overcome) trauma and loss.) 

[Special note for the book 'Children's Literature in Action' edited by Richard Charlesworth, Deborah Friedland and Helen Jones. 

This is a book of many of the research projects by students (most of whom are teachers) on our MA in Children's Literature at Goldsmiths University of London, doing 'Children's Literature in Action' ie studying how children read. They set up research projects looking closely at children's responses to books.

It's available online, free of charge here:  ]

Most of these books are available here: