Saturday 30 June 2012

Boris Johnson dodges his own flak

 This is how the London Evening Standard (otherwise known as the Evening Boris) reported Boris Johnson's plans for London trains:

"29 June 2012

Boris Johnson today launched his bid to take full control of London's suburban rail services.

In one of the most audacious power-grabs of his mayoralty so far, Mr Johnson wants control over rail franchises so he can lower fares and allow the Oyster scheme to be used on the whole network.

City Hall today said that by taking control of just two franchises, £100 million could be saved over 20 years. The Mayor eventually wants to control all suburban railways and introduce a one-ticket system across Greater London. At present rail services are provided by several private companies under franchise agreements with the Government.

Mr Johnson, who says the existing system is inefficient, has said the “devolution of power” to City Hall would lead to lower fares.

The plan would put him in charge of key commuter routes from outlying areas, allowing him to award the franchises and have a greater say on how lines are operated. "

Can this be the same Boris Johnson who described the BBC as  "statist" and "corporatist" ? Or is that another Boris Johnson?