Tuesday 12 June 2012

Core questions for the Draft Primary English Curriculum

Here are my core questions about the Draft Primary English Curriculum.  If anyone knows the answers, please could they send them to me at rosenmichael@hotmail.com

Does anyone know who wrote the Draft Primary English Curriculum? If we knew, we could engage them in debate and discussion.

Does anyone have any evidence for thinking that governments delivering anonymous diktats to teachers makes anything better for anyone? In the short term? In the medium term? In the long term?

Apart from the phonics courses of study, are there any of the other programmes of study in the Proposed Curriculum which is backed by evidence? If so, which ones? Which ones are not backed by evidence? In which case, on that basis, why are they in the programme?

Given that the programmes of study are to be tested, is there any evidence that testing like this does NOT ensure that many teachers then teach to the test? Is there any evidence that such tests help pupils to learn important and useful things?