Tuesday 17 July 2012

A gag for years 5 and 6 to make up their own?

Earlier today the Commander in Chief, the Duke of York, led ten thousand men up a hill. Our military correspondent, Ivor Biggbreyne is with me now.

Ivor, what's going on here, how do you read the significance of these army manoeuvres? The Duke of York is something of a grand old man, these days. Does he know what he's doing?

Yes, John I think he does. You see when the troops are up, they're up. When they're down, they're down.

Fascinating Ivor, but what about when they're halfway up?

Well, John, this is the interesting part: when they're only halfway up, they're neither up nor down.

Really, Ivor?

Yes, John.

Ivor, thanks a lot. Back to you, Sarah.


A gag for years 5 and 6 to make up their own???