Monday 2 July 2012

Pasi Sahlberg, 'Finnish Lessons'

In response to my 'Dear Mr Gove' letter in today's Guardian,

someone calling themselves 'IronEye' has written this:

" To save time, and also avoid re-inventing the wheel, we could start by learning lessons from how education in Finland is organised - which is what Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea have done. These places have learnt from Finland that schools and teachers that emphasise collaboration, creativity and critical thinking (with no public examinations at age 16) not only prepare their children better for their present and future lives, they also develop independent learning skills and increase motivation - to the extent that they also perform better in tests and exams. Pasi Sahlberg's book, Finnish Lessons, explains all. "

I haven't read this book. Clearly, I need to.